Events should be the amazing, great, incredible....

But most important - events must be one-of-a-kind.

That does not mean they need to be expensive, crazy or anything, they just have to fit to what you want to say.

Events are just another way to communicate, maybe the nicest way.



innovation hub opening by innogy

We support our clients with invitation management, guest management & ensuring a smooth night.

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family style

Our favorite dinner form is Spaghettata. Its perfect and its fun and people don't do it often enough.
In our humble opinion. But we understand that other cuisine have great family style dinners too.

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say thank you to your partners

Inviting somebody to dinner is a great way to say "thank you". The hard part is to invite 50+ people and still create a nice, friendly atmosphere. I would say: we are experts in it. Why? Because we love dinners.